What’s so good about the basic plans?

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We all want fast internet, no interruptions when streaming, and definitely no loading time when reading FB feeds. However, it’s equally important that these remain affordable. The FREE WiFi Hub bundle and the FREE WiFi Halo bundle are perfect choices for this.

Both plans are crafted in such a way that the internet needs are covered and continues to be affordable. The WiFi Hub bundle is perfect for families living in three room flats while the WiFi Halo bundle neatly covers homes that are bigger then that.

To make sure that our internet is fast, stable and reliable, MyRepublic has an Adaptive Traffic priority system which we use to manage the internet traffic. Prioritising internet traffic according to usage, we give very high priority to gaming, VOIP calls and Network Protocols(DNS, SSL, etc.). High priority is then given to activities such as video streaming and web surfing while activities such as file sharing and downloads are given standard priority. We do not throttle speeds during peak hours.

The WiFi Hub bundle is priced at just $32.99 a month for the first ten months, then $42.99 a month thereafter while the WiFi Halo bundle comes at just $35.99 a month for the first ten months and then $45.99 a month thereafter. It’s a great deal that cost no more then $50 a month!

Of course there are one-time-charges that apply when you first install but that’s a worthwhile investment for continued fast and stable internet usage.

The best part about these plans are you will get a free router for each bundle: either the MyRepublic WiFi Hub router which is worth $249 or the MyRepublic WiFi Halo router which is worth $349.

It’s only over the pass year that both plans used to be a single plan that cost $49.99 per month with routers only offered at a discount.

In summary, with no more then $50 a month you can enjoy fast internet for your home and you will receive a free router for continued stable internet usage. Check out http://fibrebroadbandsingapore.com/fibre-broadband-plans/ for further details of each plans.

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