What is GAMER Switch Up?

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Have you ever found yourself wanting to sign up for a MyRepublic GAMER broadband promotion but cannot do so because of expensive early termination charges that may be incurred from terminating an existing broadband plan from another telco?

From now until 25th August 2019, MyRepublic is covering your early termination charges with GAMER Switch Up!

GAMER Switch Up
GAMER Switch Up

GAMER Switch Up is our way of making it easier for interested people to sign up for MyRepublic GAMER broadband!

Anyone who signs up for MyRepublic GAMER broadband can claim up to $240 to offset the cost of terminating their current broadband plan, allowing them to make the switch sooner. This credit will be used to offset their monthly bills with MyRepublic.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for any MyRepublic GAMER broadband plan online via this link.
  2. Send us your broadband termination bill – Email the final broadband bill from your previous telco to switchup.sg@myrepublic.net. It should show your details and the broadband early termination charge incurred.
  3. Get up to $240 credit in your 3rd month – Based on your broadband early termination charge, you’ll get up to $240 credited to your MyRepublic account on the 3rd month* of your MyRepublic GAMER plan. The credit will be used to offset your monthly MyRepublic bills.

*Credit will be given in the 3rd month assuming all supporting documents (e.g. your bill showing your early termination charge) are submitted on time (i.e. within 60 days of your MyRepublic GAMER plan’s first invoice date). Delays in document submission may result in the credit being given at a later month.

This promotion is for a limited time only!

GAMER Switch Up is only available to new customers who sign up from 26 June 2019, 09:00 am until 25th August 2019, 11:59 pm (Singapore Time)

This promotion is valid for all 24-month MyRepublic GAMER 1Gbps broadband plans (“GAMER Plan”):

  • GAMER 1Gbps ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Router Bundle at $59.99/month for 24 months ($69.99/month thereafter);
  • GAMER 1Gbps Secretlab OMEGA (2020) Chair Bundle at $59.99/month for 24 months ($69.99/month thereafter);
  • GAMER 1Gbps PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle at $69.99/month for 24 months ($69.99/month thereafter);
  • GAMER 1Gbps Logitech Wireless Gaming Gear at $59.99/month for 24 months ($69.99/month thereafter); and
  • Dual GAMER (2 x 1Gbps) Plan at $69.99/month for 24 months ($79.99/month thereafter).

Click here to view GAMER Switch Up Terms & Conditions

Click here to view GAMER broadband plans.

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