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What if I stay in a big house such as a four room or bigger HDB flat? How to resolve WiFi signal that just does not reach all areas.

Think dual

We got you covered with MyRepublic’s: Dual Fibre Ultra Plan

This solution offers two routers which extends the WiFi coverage for your home. That means no more wifi ‘blind spots’ in your home. Perfect for 4 room flats or bigger.

This solution is a 2 x 1 Gbps to your home plan which is cool. Let me explain.

Connect a Wi-Fi router to each 1Gbps line to power two Wi-Fi networks. Extend your wireless coverage across across multiple rooms and floors without compromising on speed.

Let’s say you have a family of five. Install one router in your master bedroom and the other router in the living room. Your partner and you can connect to the router in your room enjoying a max speed of 1Gbps. Other members of your family can utilize the router in the living room also at a speed of up to 1Gbps. This means lesser disruption to your internet usage in your room. This way, family members and also guests can enjoy WiFi at your home.

The diagram below shows nicely how all this works.

Dual Fibre Diagram
Dual Fibre Diagram

How much is this plan?

It’s only $59.99 per month.

There will be one-time setup fees as shown below:

  • $53.50 Service Installation Fee.
  • $56.71 NetLink Trust Service Activation Charge.

With this plan, you will also enjoy a FREE Home Voice Subscription worth $49, perfect for new homes. This subscription comes with unlimited local incoming and outgoing calls. Note that a random number will be assigned.

Router discount will be $250 off up to two routers.

Choose your router:

  1. MyRepublic Wifi Hub (worth $249). This means $249 – $250 = $0
  2. Or MyRepublic Wifi Halo (worth $349). This means $349 – $250 = $99

Here’s a summary of this plan: Click here.

More router details here.

If you need more information, contact me at 87550215 or if you are ready sign up for this plan at:

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