MyRepublic has served fast and reliable internet connections in Singapore since 2011

MyRepublic does not just offer super fast fibre broadband plans, MyRepublic offers bundles that are designed with you in mind.

Our bundles help you:

  • Eliminate WiFi dead zones in your home
  • Keep your options open with flexible, low-to-no commitment plans
  • Experience the best gaming environment right in your own home
  • Get Premium items at a fraction of it’s market price

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We have Gamer plans, dual fibre plans for big houses and we also have mobile plans!

Allow us to show you what to look out for..

Get extra value with the latest devices. Absolutely worth your money!

Better WiFi coverage with top notch devices covers big houses.

Get bundles that favors your daily WiFi usage and gives stable internet access.

There is a plan for you with our fibre broadband services.

GAMER Broadband Plans
Boost your Gaming Experience

We are Singapore’s #1 Internet Service Provider for Steam download speeds.

All data traffic for MyRepublic GAMERs runs on a dedicated IP address range, allowing our engineers to prioritise GAMER data and set up the best custom routes to overseas game servers.

Gaming in the middle of the night and suddenly need urgent technical support? MyRepublic GAMERs enjoy special access to a priority 24/7 support hotline.


Steam Download Stats Singapore, since 2017. Speeds in Mbps.

Meet Zack

Hi, I am Muhammad Zahid a.k.a. Zack, an independent consultant (ID: D1003008) under MyRepublic’s Partner Program, Singapore

I am an Authorised Partner and I am here to help you choose your fibre broadband plan or mobile plans.

Do contact me at 87550215